Sunday, November 30, 2008

Novena to the Immaculate Conception

Sorry, this Novena was to be said November 29-December 7th but I just became aware of it now.

O most Holy Virgin who wast pleasing to God and didst become His Mother.
Immaculate in Thy body, in Thy soul in Thy faith and in Thy love, we beseech
Thee to look graciously upon the wretched who implore Thy powerful protection.
The wicked serpent, against whom the primal curse was hurled, continues
nonetheless to wage war and lay snares for the unhappy children of Eve. Ah, do
thou our blessed Mother our Queen and Advocate, who from the first instant of
thy conception didst crush the head of our enemy, receive the prayers we unite
single heartily to Thine and conjurer Thee to offer at the throne of God, that
we may never fall into the snares that are laid for us, in such wise that we may
all come to the heaven of salvation; and in the midst of so many
dangers may holy Church and the fellowship of Christians everywhere sing
once more the hymn of deliverance, victory and peace. Amen.

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Video of the Week

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Must Watch

Volition, a fantastic short film with an explicit pro-life

From LifeSite News:

As the synopsis of the film states, “Throughout history, men have been faced
with difficult choices in a world that makes it easy for them to conform. This
film explores the hope that lies behind every decision made in the face of
adversity; the hope that is buried in the heart of those that look beyond
themselves and see something bigger worth fighting for.”

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Video of the Week

People get this discouraged over American Idol? LOL!

Their emotions remind me of my family on Election Night... and the sadness will probably continue for the next four years...

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Every year around this time wild animals travel thru the park in our back yard.

Last week -- when I was at my desk, intent in doing my school work, I noticed a huge bird in our tree. I was able to get close to it and snapped a few shots but it was just a red tailed hawk. My little brother made some squeaky noises and it looked down at him like this:

Days latter, we saw two coyotes go through the field. I ran out to get a picture and one started to come towards me. I ran in the house right away and the coyote ran in the opposite direction too. We scared each other.

Oh, and I found this animal in our house...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Better late than never!

Update: After reading -and posting, the following AP report, I wated to thank the heroic priest for his strong words. I went to his parish website to get his e-mail address and to my surprise I found this disappointing letter:

Dear Friends in Christ,

Last week I wrote a column for our Sunday bulletin just as I have done every week for the past seven years, and when I wrote it, I had no thought that it would be read by anyone other than parishioners of St. Mary’s or out of the context of everything that has been taught and preached here, from the pulpit or in writing, over these seven years. And yet that was precisely the result of the distortion of my words by the Associated Press. For an in depth explanation of what I wrote and what I did not write, please see the bulletin insert today which begins “Priest: No Communion for Obama Voters.”

Of course, I said nothing of the kind and explained very carefully and in writing to both the Greenville News and the Associated Press that “I cannot and will not refuse Holy Communion to anyone because of his or her political opinions or choices.” Nevertheless, the AP story was written to create the false impression that I intended to deny Holy Communion to those who voted for Senator Obama; I did not.

My bulletin column last week was exactly 542 words—a space in which no comprehensive description could be offered of an enormously complex subject. That is why what I wrote last week has to be read in light of the teaching of the American bishops on “Faithful Citizenship” which was distributed in the bulletin the week before the election and explained from the pulpit. From that document and the teaching of the Church’s Magisterium, no one could conclude that a vote for Senator Obama is in itself or by itself a mortal sin. But from that same teaching, though, we must conclude that a vote for a pro-abortion candidate can be a mortal sin if the intent is to support abortion, that abortion is not merely one issue among other important issues, and that no Catholic should endorse a pro-abortion politician if a plausible pro-life alternative is available. I regret that I did not take time last week to parse out every stipulation of the Church’s teaching, because the failure to do so allowed those who oppose that teaching to ridicule it by falsely asserting that I intended to deny Holy Communion to anyone who voted for the president-elect or that I presumed to know or judge their conscience. Again, for a fuller discussion of these issues, please see today’s bulletin insert.

As I write these words, I have received over 3,500 emails from around the world. Most of the people who wrote seem to regard me as either a mighty champion of reform or an evil tool of the devil, and I am naturally hesitant to accept either title. In truth, I am but a useless servant of the Lord Jesus trying, despite my frailty, to be a faithful witness to Him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I hope that everyone who reads these words will study what the Church teaches about freedom of conscience, political responsibility, and the absolute sanctity of human life. As I explain in the introduction to the Principles of Evangelical Catholicism which guide pastoral practice at St. Mary’s, everything about us must be measured and guided by the Gospel: our thoughts, words, actions, bodies, relationships, spending habits, political convictions, lifestyle choices, and business decisions. But this total surrender to Christ and His Gospel is not a restriction of our freedom; in fact, it is the beginning of authentic discipleship and the only path to evangelical liberty.

AP Report

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Video of the Week

Video of the Week for the second week of November:

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Mom's Last E-Mail........

Vivo Christo Rey!

Is the Cardinal part of the Magisterium? The
church's divinely appointed authority to teach the truths of religion, "Going
therefore, teach ye all nations . . .teaching them to observe all things
whatsoever I have commanded you".? Yes, that's what he is supposed to
be doing! I am sure we will see many writings from him now, after the
election. Just like we saw the Bishops speak up for Terri Schiavo after
she was dead.

Ever since I've heard the sacrilegious (the irreverent treatment of sacred things) Cardinal Francis George/CEO say that he will not deny pro-abort politicians Holy Communion, at the Chicago PRLC meeting, I've been begging you to write letters and withhold funding to wake him from his stupor, because we love him.

This was our duty as Catholics, for the love of God, set them
straight. Hold them up, encourage them to admonish the sinner and instruct the ignorant. The Bishops are not infallable. We need set them
straight because we love them. We beg all of them to teach/tell Catholics
that it is mortal sin to vote for a pro-abort candidate, because he
has been chosen to do so.

Cardinal Francis George, President of the US Bishops, defiantly went against the church's teachings, cannon 915. He is in direct disobedience of our Holy Father and can easily be guilty of sins of omission. So sad for all of us.

Who else are Catholics supporting along with
Acorn? Nuns with Obama bumper stickers who say we are anti-abortion
instead of pro-life because we don't support their liberal causes!
They call these causes, sins against Social Justice, like

What other requests from the Pope are we being denied? The Holy Father requested every parish to have the Holy Latin Mass. It's the Traditional mass we had for 1,500 years before Vatican II in the 60's, this mess, you know, the harder mass, may even be called, a sacrifice. I KNOW THREE HOLY PRIESTS WHO ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY A LATIN MASS AT THEIR PARISH right here within 5 miles! SHAME!


IT'S YOUR MONEY, ARE YOU SUPPORTING EVIL? We better check to see what we are culpable of?

I am now going on sabbatical, there is nothing else for me to say. God help us all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stay Positive! Be Prepared!

I'm not implying that Obama will win but be prepared!

How to start each day with a "Positive" outlook...if Obama wins.

1. Open a new file in your computer.

2. Name it 'Barack Obama'.

3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.

4. Empty the Recycle Bin.

5.. Your PC will ask you: 'Do you really want to get rid of 'Barack Obama?'

6. Firmly Click 'Yes.'

7. Feel better? Good

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Modern Queen Antoinette

After reading Trianon, the TRUE stroy of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette of France, I found a modern day Marie Antoinette.

See if you can guess the modern day Marie Antoinette. Here are the facts:

Even though she was a European – from Austria, Marie was considered a foreigner.

Marie was hated not only because of her beauty but also because she was falsely accused of buying expensive jewelry and clothes when the economy of France was in troubled times. Even clergy, a cardinal and bishop falsely judged her.

The corrupt parliament was ruling the country and the King had no power.

The military was hated and mobs decapitated military guards.

There were many heresies going around in the Catholic Church and priests had to sign an allegiance to the government which denounced the true Catholic faith. To her dismay, France was never consecrated to the Sacred Heart.

Her brother in-law was also a scoundrel.

Her sovereignty did not get in the way of her vocation as a mother. Her innocent children and family were a constant source of ridicule and abuse to the public.

Video of the Week

The first video of the week for November:

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