Monday, November 12, 2012

Tempura and Quatuor Tempura

Food and Church history...what could be more fascinating?

Fr. Z once posted that...

In the 16th c. Spanish and Portuguese missionaries settled in Nagasaki, Japan.  From their interest in inculturation and out of sensitivity for the ways of the people, they tried to make meatless meals for Embertide, which is a fast time.  They started deep-frying shrimp.  The Japanese ran with and developed it to perfection.  This is “tempura,” again from the Latin term for the Ember Days"Quatuor Tempora".

"Quantuor Tempora" meaning four times a year.  The Ember Day fasts would take place four times a year - with the change of the season.

Missionaries and fusion cuisine!  Awesome! find me some authentic Tempura by next Ember Days...

[H/T: Constance]

Friday, October 19, 2012

Breast Cancer/Abortion: the CONNECTION.

The Survivors Pro-Life Club of Elgin Community College held an event entitled "Abortion and Breast Cancer: the Connection."  Karen Malek of the Abortion Breast Cancer Coalition gave a PowerPoint presentation explaining the Reproduction Risk Factors for Breast Cancer.

Days leading up to the event, the club received negative feedback from school faculty upset about the content of the event.   One woman e-mailed the club's advisor with information from the American Cancer society - an organization that funds Planned Parenthood.

 The club proceeded in advertising for the event, knowing that there are so many misinformed people.  We alerted security and charged camera batteries. 

The day of the speech came.  Karen was prepared.  She told us that irruptions have happened during her previous speeches and to pay attention to what was going on.  The club kept track of literature and sign in sheets.  We filled up most of the room with 40 people. 

Karen presented the facts as they are.  She gave us examples of studies and qualified doctors.  She told us that many medical professionals are afraid of admitting to the Abortion/Breast Cancer link in fear funds from the government being withdrawn.

After the presentation Karen took questions.  People asked medical questions as if to try to stump Karen.  She answered professionally.  One man asked her about her medical credentials - after she had just explained the link and her sources. 

Another woman asked about the high abortion rate and low breast cancer cases.   However, not all smokers contract lung cancer, just as not all women who have abortions contract breast cancer.  But the risk is still there.  While the number of abortions may outnumber the cases of breast cancer, it can be noted that some women received more than one abortion.

The school newspaper was also present.  They took pictures and interviewed a few people for their story.  The article should be published in their next issue sometime in the next few weeks.

Women deserve to know the truth that abortion causes breast cancer.  The abortion industry can do their best to bribe those in the medical profession to deny the truth.  The Survivors Pro-Life club is thankful for doctors such as Dr. Joel Brind and Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, for caring about women.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

National Pro-Life Chalk Day

September 6, 2012 was Pro-Life Chalk Day!

Last semester I started a pro-life club at our community college.  It has been such a huge blessing!

Not only have we touched many lives, I have made some great friends!

Just look at the caring messages they wrote!

They're awesome.

We passed out a few hundred pamphlets from American Life League and had some good discussions with people passing by....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Protect Our Women

LiveAction today just released an undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood's favoritism to sex seclective abortion. 

Check it out:

Once again, we have proof that Planned Parenthood is not a pro-women oraganization as they are willing to kill women in the womb. Please share the video!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello there blog! 

Lot's has happened since I last posted any personal stuff.

I graduated highschool...

And now I am already in my second semester of Community College. 

Time is flying even faster than before.

I've been meaning to post for a while.  Especially about college stuff. 

The first reason being I started a pro-life club on Campus.  Mostly with God's help, of course.  But I should be recording my experiences more because great things have been happening.

And the second reason is because I'm studying Culinary Arts. 

Last semester I mostly studied and made soups and sauces.  They were tough.  Especially getting the right "viscocity" or consistancy.  (Note: the right consistancy is nappe - able to drag a line across the back of the spoon.)  I hope I'll be able to share more about what I've learned.

This semester we've been identifying (not blindfolded yet) milks, cheeses, and fruits.  Next week we'll be discussing eggs. 

So.  Here we go.  Let's see how long it will be for me to post again!