Sunday, December 4, 2011


Two weekends now... my Mom and I went to go pray outside the local Planned Parenthood.
It was like any other Saturday morning we go to pray there.  Two pro-life sidewalk counselors, a few prayer warriors, a man on the corner with a graphic sign,  and another on another corner with a banner sign that reads "vote for life." 

It's hard to counsel at this particular Planned Parenthood.  Usually the girls pull in the driveway, and the counselors can only shout something to the women as they walk from their cars into the clinic.   Planned Parenthood also blasts music to drown out the counselor's voice.  After a few hours, or minutes, depending on what the women go in for, they come out, and simply drive away.  Right passed us.

On Novemebr 19th, I wittnessed a "turn around".  A car pulled out of the driveway and pulled over to a group of us pro-lifers.  There were two young women in the car with tears in their eyes.  The passenger got out of the car, came out to us and hugged each of us.  She said she "just couldn't do it."  She said she had been in the Planned Parenthood for a while, and had time to think about what she was doing.  This will be her third child, and she might give the baby up for adoption.

Please pray for this woman and her baby, and never stop praying for life!