Friday, November 7, 2008

My Mom's Last E-Mail........

Vivo Christo Rey!

Is the Cardinal part of the Magisterium? The
church's divinely appointed authority to teach the truths of religion, "Going
therefore, teach ye all nations . . .teaching them to observe all things
whatsoever I have commanded you".? Yes, that's what he is supposed to
be doing! I am sure we will see many writings from him now, after the
election. Just like we saw the Bishops speak up for Terri Schiavo after
she was dead.

Ever since I've heard the sacrilegious (the irreverent treatment of sacred things) Cardinal Francis George/CEO say that he will not deny pro-abort politicians Holy Communion, at the Chicago PRLC meeting, I've been begging you to write letters and withhold funding to wake him from his stupor, because we love him.

This was our duty as Catholics, for the love of God, set them
straight. Hold them up, encourage them to admonish the sinner and instruct the ignorant. The Bishops are not infallable. We need set them
straight because we love them. We beg all of them to teach/tell Catholics
that it is mortal sin to vote for a pro-abort candidate, because he
has been chosen to do so.

Cardinal Francis George, President of the US Bishops, defiantly went against the church's teachings, cannon 915. He is in direct disobedience of our Holy Father and can easily be guilty of sins of omission. So sad for all of us.

Who else are Catholics supporting along with
Acorn? Nuns with Obama bumper stickers who say we are anti-abortion
instead of pro-life because we don't support their liberal causes!
They call these causes, sins against Social Justice, like

What other requests from the Pope are we being denied? The Holy Father requested every parish to have the Holy Latin Mass. It's the Traditional mass we had for 1,500 years before Vatican II in the 60's, this mess, you know, the harder mass, may even be called, a sacrifice. I KNOW THREE HOLY PRIESTS WHO ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY A LATIN MASS AT THEIR PARISH right here within 5 miles! SHAME!


IT'S YOUR MONEY, ARE YOU SUPPORTING EVIL? We better check to see what we are culpable of?

I am now going on sabbatical, there is nothing else for me to say. God help us all.



I wonder how many Priests are really for the Latin Mass? Thank God the Priests at St.John Cantius and Sts.Peter and Paul are for it otherwise we might as well kiss it goodbye.I can't believe 24% of Roman Catholic Churches in America are for abortion!

Oh well keep praying and God Bless!

You've been THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

Jim & Nancy Forest said...

I knew Dorothy Day well and have written a biography of her (Love is the Measure). I can assure you she was not a Communist.

Jim Forest

NAW said...

Great post Dixi!

I agree with Thunderstruck. We are blest to have the great priests from St. John Cantius and The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest! Praise God!

I give credit to anyone who works in a soup kitchen and feeds the hungry. Pat on the back for Dorthy Day. BUT, because she was such a vocal spokesperson against our country in a time of war, when use of military force which saved countless lives and ended the tyranny of Adolf Hitlers Hitler, I call her a and anyone like her and GI Jane Fonda a communist. Appearently so did Gk Chesterton and a number of people who lived during that time. To me, someone who is pro- life defends life at all stages whether Jewish or Catholic. Assuming Dorthy Day was contrite over her abortion, The Fact that she advocated against the helping of the helpless in Europe in a time of great suffrage condemns her to culture of death and all the soup in the ocean could not change that.
I think that the beatification of
Dorthy Day would degrade all of our Holy Saints and Martyrs.

Keep up the great Blog Dixi!
~ You're Biggest fan :)

Saint Michael the Archangel Defend us in Battle, just like this once great country used to do.