Saturday, November 22, 2008


Every year around this time wild animals travel thru the park in our back yard.

Last week -- when I was at my desk, intent in doing my school work, I noticed a huge bird in our tree. I was able to get close to it and snapped a few shots but it was just a red tailed hawk. My little brother made some squeaky noises and it looked down at him like this:

Days latter, we saw two coyotes go through the field. I ran out to get a picture and one started to come towards me. I ran in the house right away and the coyote ran in the opposite direction too. We scared each other.

Oh, and I found this animal in our house...


Kaila said...

I like the pictures you took. Especially the ones of the hawk.

Germaine said...

Happy Christ the King feast day, er, evening rather!!!!!! Are you guys going to the march this year? The first picture is funny. It looks as though the hawk is saying 'what are you looking at' or something in a proud manner. Not to mention he reminds me of the big blue hawk in muppet/sesame street things. I don't remember what the name of that character was though. Anyhow, the picture I liked best however, was the last!!!! He, or should I say 'it', looked warm and cosy! One of these days I'm going to invent a nose warmer! Along with a floating pillow! God bless!

Dixi said...

Thanks Kaila! I like your blog!

LOL Germaine! Happy feast day to you too! I e-mailed you our plans for the march!