Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tighten Up!

Happy Eastertide! I did not intend to abstain from blogging for Lent but I guess I did anyway! :)

I have not been blogging all together because of many little things. But, I did get a job! It's the best job I could wish for right now! I'm the chief executive assistant, only assistant, at a little Catholic Book store near my house. I work about once or twice a week. It's awesome!

Anyway, I get really nice customers and there are also those who pass by the shop and give us "the look" or say "A Catholic thanks!" But, funner than that, we get those people who come in to debate. My employers are always "faithful to the magisterium" and when someone comes in the Holy Ghost sure inspires them! So, my first encounter...

...was an older woman. She came in through the coffee store next door (!) and asked "is this Episcopal?" I said, "No, we're a Catholic store." Then, that's when it started! "Oh, you know, some people need to loosen up. Have you heard about the Episcopals? They now have a woman bishop,and she's a lesbian!" (how progressive!) I of course went into the "if Jesus wanted woman priests, why wouldn't He have made the most perfect women of all, His Immaculate Mother, the first woman priest?" But, she just ignored it and said something about the church being run by men. All I could say would be, "well, the Church has lasted this long...I don't think we're going to start changing now!" But, when you get down to it, I wish I told her that some people just need to "tighten" up. While the Pope is infaliible, there are those in the Church and schools who are confusing people!

Let's look at Fr. Pfleger on the southside of Chicago. We see this man using the his holy priesthood to preach hate.

Hold on tight, I'm shifting gears here!

So, what do we faithful do when the Heirarchy of the Catholic church in America refuse to do anything about this man and then have the audacity to reward him?!

Yes, Cardinal George/the Archdiocese of Chicago presented Fr. Pfleger the “racial justice lifetime achievement award”

Well, here's my suggestion. (With help from my wonderful mother) Let's pray for Cardinal Francis George to live up to his obligations. Of course, prayer without works is dead, so let's write to him and beg him to admonish the sinner, invoke the Church's Laws to deny pro-abortion politicians the Holy Sacrament, Canon 915. To instruct the ignorant is a Corporal work of mercy and all of us have the duty to correct the clergy when the go asstry says St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica part 2 qeustion 33.

Also, the Archdiocese is conducting a survey that you may take part in here.

God Bless!