Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

To celebrate Memorial day I really recommend this movie! It's an oldie but a goodie!

Fortunately all 15 parts are on YouTube!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

United in faith...

So, where do I begin?

My little sister had a her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday. We share a room. So, while she recovers, she tries not to laugh too loudly (and hard - for it hurts her to laugh) at old Dick Van Dyke episodes. She also keeps me up to date with all the latest news on blogs she visits.

But, with tonight's news (and the thought of Mr. GQ crying), we are crying our eyes out! My nose is so "stuffed up" I can't sleep! :)

On Monday we said our last good-byes to a very dear friend of ours.

Let's start at the very beginning!...A very good place to start!

My very first first picture ever taken of 'JoJo" (left) and my sister Constance
- A Church Picnic - Summer 2008 -

We met this special young lady about two summers ago. We were at one of the summer picnics of the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago. She was one of the "Dazzo" family. There they were eating their favorite: Panera Bread. After we ate I started playing catch, with a softball, with the oldest girl, "Jo Jo" - while some of her seven siblings played soccer with my mere three. Yes, that is my first memory of my dear friend who I will respectively call "JoJo Dazzo" for this post.
Jo Jo is two years older than my sister or, the same age as me.

Anyway, as we talked with Mrs. Lady Modesty and her daughter, that very day, we discovered my sister and Jo Jowere both interested in the religious life. Particularly...with the Sister Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest (take a breath!) - whose Motherhouse is located in Italy.

Constance (left) and JoJo (right) 5/10/10

Lady Modesty is probably the only non-procrastinator I know and helped the girls plan a trip all the way to Italy in May of '09 to visit the Convent. (Last year!)

Before we knew it there was the "Going Away Party" and then the day they left.

Both girls enjoyed their week visit immensely; it was defiantly a life changing experience for them as it seems they came home with a deeper love of Christ and this particular Order of nuns.
Jo Jo was hoping to be accepted into the Sister Adorers' Order in the fall of 2010.

But, happy news came just a month ago; she would be joining the Sister Adorers' newest Convent in
St. Louis this (past - yesterday) May 12, 2010!

Fortunately, we had time to say our good-byes at a party last Monday. My family had planned to visit JoJo at the end of May while we were visiting family in the Southern Illinois/St. Louis area. Therefore, we were able to hold back some tears. {But not all ;-)}

But tonight. Great news for JoJo, but sad news for us! Tonight, we read the latest news on Mrs. Lady Modesty's blog.., Jo Jowill be leaving for Italy very soon to start her formation. We will not be seeing her as we planned. We will not be seeing her for a long time...

My sister has already made a beautiful tribute to her dearest friend here...
Jo Jo read this to us from a holy card the last time we chatted on the phone:

~Pray for me, as I will for thee, so that we may merrily meet in Heaven.~

See that purple thing? Its my cast. I broke my elbow (just a hair line fracture) while on a bike ride with another good friend of mine a week ago - I only have to wear it for two more weeks! Jo Jo signed my cast. Any guesses at her real name? :) And, I'm going to have to keep that stinky old cast now!

God willing, we will meet again on this earth... but being so far away... prayer will be the only thing uniting us for now.

I will never forget you, JoJo!
Please keep her - and her family - in your prayers!