Friday, February 5, 2010

March for Life 2010!

How do you make 350,000 people disappear? Have them March for Life!

What is the March?

Late in October 1973, grassroots prolife leaders became concerned that January 22, 1974, might come and go without properly memorializing the Supreme Court's infamous abortion decisions and without petitioning Congress for redress.

No established right-to-life organization was prepared to undertake the planning, financial and operational responsibilities for a high impact prolife March on the U.S. Capitol. But, grassroots prolifers wanted to march! About thirty prolife veterans resolved themselves into a committee and began making plans for the first March for Life.

On January 22, 1974, the first March for Life was held on the West Steps of the Capitol.
And it has been taking place every year while getting bigger every year! Nowadays, we march from the National Mall up Constitution Ave. to the Supreme Court. But, that being said, the March still gets less than little media attention.

So, even if the media did cover it, I'm sure you would want to hear of my first hand experience anyway. This year I was so fortunate to go to the March with my sister by way of three buses from SJC Church in Chicago and some very energetic teens - and Canons. (Yes, our bus was dubbed the "boring bus") A very SAINTLY Brother orchestrated the entire trip and we are so grateful to him for welcoming us into his group!

Again, the actual march. Brother C gave the group a nice spiel about screaming. So, I think our group was the loudest there. As we walked we tried to do the "We love babies yes we do, We love babies how about you?!" chant with the other people. As we finally stopped along the march route, a Franciscan priest who was near a "Catholic University" sign seemed to join us.

Even though I've been to DC before, I had no idea where we were most of the time. There were people everywhere. Signs everywhere. We were packed together like sardines.

Then, the actual march started. The long banner passed. Then the "Silent No More" women with their powerful "I regret my abortion" signs.

Our family had made a "Free the ND 88" sign for us two girls to carry during the March. With all the people surrounding us and a lack of coridination skills, we gave up carrying it during the March. But, when we finally made it to the Supreme Court building, we pulled it out. And guess what University just happened to pass as we had it out? Yep, ND! Perfect! Another man actually took our picture and told us his wife is one of the 88. He thinks Fr. Jenkins will drop the charges but is not sure why he has not already.

So, we arrived at the Supreme Court steps and chanted for a while. The police blocked off both sidewalks on either side of the street and would not let us stand along the fences. So, we tried to stand off to the side. Once again, Br. Chad lead us in some pro-life chants and some Traditional Catholic songs. St. John Cantius has a magnificent choir, by the way, so it was beautiful!

Oh, and we saw some friends while we were there. Another highlight of our trip! ;-)

Our group did not leave until the March ended. (Which means the last of the Marchers passed the Supreme Court)

After dinner we went to do some touring. This is where the coolest story comes in.

I've been in contact with a fellow blogger, Little Mary for a while. We never really met so it was a rather awkward friendship.

So, while we were at the Lincoln Memorial, I happened to see this girl who looked really familiar. (I had seen her picture around) It was Little Mary! We both let out a screech in the monument. We never planned on meeting; it was truly an act of Providence!

Overall, the March is always an uplifting experience. Marching with thousands of people who share your most sacred views. People who are willing to defend life.

There is always the hope that "Roe vs. Wade may be overturned by next year." Some say that "there might not have to be a next year." Even if that is the case, I do not think the March should end. We should never forget all those who have been killed, hurt by abortion nor the joy that every life brings!