Sunday, November 23, 2008

Video of the Week

People get this discouraged over American Idol? LOL!

Their emotions remind me of my family on Election Night... and the sadness will probably continue for the next four years...

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Little Mary said...

well. i had a similar reaction. no tears, but i wanted david a to win! and i had the same reaction(tears ad all) when cody linley lost dancing with the stars;-( and when obama won the election!!!


This is why American Idol is so BORRRRIIIINNNNNNGGGGG! I mean come on! What good singer is on American Idol,If they were really good they shouldn't have to be on auditioning on that show and some of the contestants were gay that's another reason And lastly David A. thinks he's so hot I think he forgets that it's whats on the inside that counts. I give the video which is so fake, annoying and garbage a 1 star
God Bless Dixi

You've been THUNDERSTRUCK!!!!

Dixi said...

Sorry if I offended you, Little Mary. I really didn't mean it.

I loved the one girl who said "how could they vote for that guy who doesn't shave."

I must admit I never watch the show. I've watched it once maybe, not even the whole thing, I really don't watch too much T.V. especially since we got the Dish. Don't ever get the dish....

Gotta run...literally.