Friday, January 3, 2014

The Blessed Eucharist

"St. Jane Francis de Chantal once over heard her father disputing with a Calvinist the Real Present of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. She was at that time only FIVE years of age, but when hearing the dispute, she advanced to the heretic and said: "What, Sir! You do not believe that Jesus Christ is really present in the Holy Eucharist, and yet He has told us that He IS present? You then make Him a liar. If you dared attack the honor of the King, my father would defend it at the risk of his life, and even at the cost of yours; what have you then to expect from God for calling His Son a liar?" The Calvinist was greatly surprised at the child's zeal, ad endeavored to appease his young adversary with presents; but, full of the love for her holy faith, she took his gifts and threw them into the fire saying: "Thus shall all those burn in Hell who do not believe the words of Jesus Christ.'" ~ "The Blessed Eucharist: Our Greatest Treasure" by Michael Mueller, CSSR

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