Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Tonight I received a late night call from a friend.

She was distraught over what I too have been dealing with lately: defending our faith against homosexuality.

Everywhere I go I meet people dealing with this disorder: the hair dressers, my culinary class, school clubs... And more and more our culture keeps force feeding the lie that homosexuality is natural, and that we should be accepting, or better yet "tolerating" of it. But no. We cannot remain silent. If you saw a friend drowning, would you not throw them a safety net?

But how does one go about this?  Well, turns out Holy Mother Church is the safety net.

Fr. John Hollowel of Indiana has great YouTube channel full of videos that explore the Church's teaching on the subject.  These videos are from the religion class he teaches, and some homilies. Check them out! Know your faith!

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