Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 100 Invitation to Praise God

Acclaim Yahweh, all the earth,
serve Yahweh gladly,
come into his presence with songs of joy!

Know that he, Yahweh, is God,
he made us and we belong to him,
we are his people, the flock that he pastures.

Walk through his porticos giving thanks,
enter his courts praising him,
give thanks to him, bless his name!

Yes, Yahweh is good,
his love is everlasting,
his faithfulness endures from age to age.

Hey! Check it out! I’m actually posting early instead of posting late! I was reading over the Psalter (Book of Psalms) for Religion last week and I found this one which was short and sweet and had “use me for a Thanksgiving post” all over it. Thus, there it is and Hope you all have a good one!

Our plans are as follows; hopefully we’ll get to Church but then we’ll be going to my Uncle’s house (Dad’s brother) who dosen’t live too far away but far away enough that we don’t see them much. Anyway, it should be fun. Might post pictures…if I have time…and if there are any good ones of me ;-) Highly doubt it ;-)

So, I just finished baking Turkey Shaped sugar cookies and CRANBERRY SAUCE. Great fun! I flipped on the “secular” radio station and listened to some Christmas music -and ok and a little country. I don’t know what it is but I love baking with music on. So, I listened, sang and baked (dare I say danced?) all at once and my family can’t stand it! Patty came in to help, which she did really nicely, but kept trying to sing religious songs over me. The nerve. :-)

Well, have a blessed Thanksgiving, everyone! God Bless America – and those who defend our great nation – Thank YOU!

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