Monday, February 23, 2009

Video of the Week/Mantillas

Notice at 7:00 St. Mary Magdalen pulls her *veil* on. No, I did not notice that, someone just mentioned that to my mom the other day.

We started wearing chapel veils/mantillas to mass (the same sacrifice as that of the Cross) about three years ago when we visited the OLAM Shrine in Alabama. A priest friend of ours was in the gift shop and gave my mom money to buy one. Yet, my mom was hesitant. She asked why we should wear it and he said "I wear my collar."

Ever since then, we've been wearing the veils as a sign of respect - and penance. We're sometimes the "odd balls" but, we offer it up!

Buy your Chapel Veil here!

Note: I will not be posting any "Video of the Week"s during Lent.


Germaine said...

I wear one too! (only started a few years ago though) I could talk forever on this subject, but I'm going to try to be brief and not ramble.
I knew many people who wore them, and it just piqued my interest. So I did a whole bunch of research on headcovering, and asked quite a number of priests about it. They all pretty much told me the same thing, "It's a good practice" so I started doing it! Ever since then, I've had a fascination with lace and hats! (Anytime we go to a store that might sell either, I look there first : )
I once asked a religious friend of mine for his input, as I was debating the why and wherefore with another friend and he said several things that I try to keep in mind. 1) Part of modesty is not drawing attention to yourself. (Now that's the last thing I would want to do. However, I don't think that that's really something to worry about when you're not going to be the only one doing it. My experience has been that even if you are the only person who has a chapel cap or mantilla on her head, after the first time, people just don't notice it. There may be some staring eyes and someone who wants to know if you're planning on becoming a nun or are an sspx-er, but once that's over and done with, people just become used to seeing it. In fact some people will even join you in the practice : ) I'll own that sometimes I don't feel so comfortable wearing a veil at my local church, but that's when hats come in! I've a bit of a collection, and I would suggest that if you still want to cover your head but feel awkward being the only one, throw on a hat. It doesn't have to be elaborate (personally, I have a hat policy: No feathers and absolutely no fruit!); normally I'll don a beret in winter or a scarf in summer if I feel so inclined.

The second thing my friend said struck me pretty well too. By wearing the veil, in a way you aren't drawing attention to yourself. He said that when he would look down from the choir loft and scan the laity, his eyes would just pass over the veiled heads as if they weren't there (even the bright white lace). Right after, I did just as he did and found he was right, my eyes just passed over as if the people weren't there.

There are a lot of plusses to wearing a veil or hat as well! I personally think they're very flattering and maidenly and wearing a hat can be a lot of fun! I'd definitely encourage girls to wear headcoverings, and not just for the reasons I listed above, but more so because of the religious significance and because it's a tradition. One shouldn't wear one just because it makes you look more attractive. You could, but that's not the best reason. Sometimes I'll catch myself being vain in that manner, but most of the time I look at it more as an outward symbol of my Catholic identity.

Some food for thought, (I'd have to double check this) but someone once told me that when visiting the Pope it is customary for ladies to wear some form of headcovering, regardless if they're Catholic (take that picture of Nancy Reagan or Princess Diana for example), so if we cover our heads for the Holy Father should we not do so for Christ? (Btw, I love Papa Benny!) Also, regardless if that's still standard or an unspoken but accepted formality, many religious (such as sisters and nuns) wear headcovering (ie their veil) as a sign of their Catholic identity, and also as a sign and act (and really it is an act) of love to Christ.
Blessed Lent and Ash Wednesday to ye and yours,

Germaine said...

My goodness, it looks as though I wrote a book! Sorry for the long comment!

Germaine said...

Just another thought that came to mind. In case anyone is looking for a hat, and like me, has a budget of twenty dollars or less (although less is more common and preferable)look at Burlington Coat Factory. I've only been there a couple of times but everytime they seemed to have an array of hats that were a bit more affordable than you see at milliner shops. Also, look at resale shops for veils and hats. Quite frequently I see both at thrift shops.

Dixi said...

Wow, Germaine! Thanks for the input! I must say that I like the mantilla better than the hat. Not for any stylish reasons but simply because the hat I wear has a long rim that sometimes knocks into the back of my coat and falls off!

Yeah, I've seen many pictures of women wearing mantillas when visiting the Pope such as Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton! If the feminist Hilary Clinton can do it, I can do it! LOL