Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Altar Server

My little brother served his first mass yesterday - and it was a Tridentine Low Mass! We are so proud of him!


Teen Catholic said...

awwww!!!! I wish I had a TLM mass close to me!

Germaine said...

YAY!!!!! I wish I could've been there!!! It truly is an honor and I'm so happy for him! He'll love being an altar server (not that I know for certain, but all the altar servers I've ever spoken to, loved to do it)! Please tell him I said Congratulations! (I seriously need to find an emoticon that throws confetti)

The Young Catholic said...

My congratulations to him!


That's awesome I remember 6 years ago when I started I was nervous tell him THUNDERSTRUCK says congrats,good luck and Low Tridentine is better than High.

Dixi said...

Teen Catholic - me too!

Germaine!- You should come! He loves serving and my mom has been taking him almost every day to serve even though the drive is still a good 35 min but worth it!

The Young Catholic- I'll have to have him read all these nice comments! Thanks!

BluedevilsRule aka Thunderstruck- Nice name! I agree, a Low mass is better than High. LOL

I have a big surprise for everyone! My youngest brother just served his first mass on Friday! He is so cute in that cassock! I'll post more picts soon!