Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Louder Than Words

The SpeakOut Illinois Confrence is coming up on Saturday. I'm submitting this essay for the essaycontest:

It is a normal, hectic, weekend and among all your other priorities, you volunteered to pray at the local Planned Parenthood. On the way there, you stop at your near-by coffee shop to grab a cup to go. As you are waiting for your coffee, you see your friend. After asking her if she had any plans for the day, you invite her to join you on your quest. Surprisingly, your friend looks at you dumb-founded. You both become uncomfortable as she starts twirling her hair, biting her lip and making excuses as to why she can’t join you. She ends the conversation with an uneasy smile and walks away.

This scenario could play out in many different ways; whether it’s a friend at school, a family member at a holiday party, or even a complete stranger. Whoever it may be, we need to take a stand for life. Today, many people are ill-informed, lied to, or just don’t know the facts. We need to reach out to these people where they are and feed them the truth. They may not hear it anywhere else, they may reject it, but still, once the truth is spoken, it can not be unheard.

People are being misguided and lied to by the media and/or abortion industry. Pro-life activists are being portrayed as being “abortion clinic bombers,” “women haters” and or “religious fanatics”. Pro-Life teens could be labeled as “freaks,” “un-cool,” “weird,” etc., by their friends and peers. This peer pressure doesn’t end at graduation either. Many pro-life adults are afraid to speak the truth in fear of losing their jobs, being labeled as “judgmental” and being blackballed by friends and neighbors.

The fact is, at least sixty percent of the U.S. population is pro-life. The proverbial squeaky wheel is getting the grease. Our tax dollars are funding abortion and many don’t even know it. The medical industry, doctors whom we are to trust with our lives no longer take the Hippocratic Oath, instead, they have fancy titles like, ‘selective reduction’ and ‘DNC’. Babies are being killed, women are being lied to and deceived, whole countries are in economic ruin, it’s a no win situation. The United States in now seeing suicide rates the heights it has ever seen, coincidence? Over fifty million babies and their potential families have already been exterminated by abortion in our country. The dark culture of death is swallowing more of our country, making it too dark for some to see the light.

With the new pro-abortion President, deceptive politicians and media, the future of the pro-life movement can look pretty bleak. There must be a renewed pro-life effort in these hard times, to become encouraged and not discouraged. Even if total success is not within our grasp, we must succeed in standing up for the truth.

Praying for an end to abortion is only the first step in becoming active. As Father Pavone once said, ‘You don’t tell to a drowning person that you will pray for them’. No, you go and try to help the person who is drowning.” Another analogy could be preparing for a test. You don’t only pray to do well on the test, you have to study. We cannot be idol when innocent people are being killed. We have to go out into the world and try to save them. If they were killing two year olds, would we make time to get there?

As Christians, we are all called to live the Gospel of Life in all aspects. By living a life of prayer, we can obtain the strength and graces needed to take on the culture of death. Not just witnessing to some, but to all, even when it’s tough, even when it’s being a fool for Christ. The old Baltimore Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us why we are here, to know Him, love Him and serve Him as to be united with Him in Heaven. If we all, ‘Become as little children,’ we shall be rewarded in Heaven. This advice relates to another story in the Old Testament days, of Sadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They are the three children who would not bow to a pagan culture of death. Reminding ourselves of God’s promise and keeping our eyes focused on Him, let’s place our hope in God almighty and not in politicians. Uniting for life, we will become a culture of life.


The Young Catholic said...

May God bless you and your family.

Germaine said...

I just read this! That's a very well written and really great essay! You should become a writer! I really liked the end where you tied in the story of "Rach, Shac and Benny" (or however veggietales nicknamed them). It's odd, I never thought of them in that truly is inspiring to know that youth have been trying uphold God's culture of life since before Christ!