Sunday, October 12, 2008

I shook hands with...

Sorry for the delay in writing this but, better late then never!

Thursday, October 2, we took a trip up to Waukesha, Wisconsin to see Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. We went even though we did not have tickets to get in the Town Hall meeting but figured we could evangelize in our "Truth Mobile"- which has "Obama Voted 3 times to KILL babies born alive" written all over it:

When we were parking near the Complex, the first person we saw was a protester who had a sign that said "Bush S*** McCain McSame" but when we saw that, we grabbed our "Baby Malachi" sign -which had "Obama"written over it, our "Stop the Real War, abortion" sign and the beloved Obama mask.

As we were walking over to the center, a black pedestian read our signs and beating his chest he said "Obama." Isn't that strange?

Anyway, we finally arrived at our destination and scared the protesters (who were directly across the street from the long line of republicans waiting to get in the building) with the Malachi sign. Our pro-life friend Sally who met us up there asked around for extra tickets and got enough for all of us.

While we we were waiting in line with our tickets -we were the last ones in line- the McCain "Straight Talk express" bus pulled up. We were going to wait for McCain and Palin to come out but it was our last chance to get into the building so we went in.

In the Town Hall meeting - we barley got in the door -the questions the people asked were great and so were the answers. Right before Palin's ending remarks, we ran out near the bus to get a glimpse at McCain and Palin. After waiting for about five minutes the Secret Service and Police came out and did a security check. Then, the crowed started to Cheer and there was McCain!

Here is the video, (caution, it is loud):

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