Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A quiz!

 Survivors Pro-Life Club of Elgin Community College, proud American Life League Associates, held a pro-life display on Tuesday, November 26th in the student lounge.

Our table display consisted of many educational materials: fetal models borrowed from Dr. & Mrs. Johnson (friends of the club), American Life League literature, and a short quiz composed by club members. 

The fetal models were very attractive to passers-by. One young lady in particular was interested in first trimester fetal development. After some brief conversation she told us that she was about 8 weeks pregnant. We were able to offer her local crisis pregnancy center information and exchange personal contacts.
In addition to passing out American Life League literature, members of the club created a short "quiz" with questions such as: "How many abortions occur in the US each day?" and "During what stage of pregnancy is abortion legal in the US"? Once students took the quiz and were given the answers, they were awarded a can of Coke for their participation. (It was a huge hit!)

This may be hard to believe, but the baby in this picture is actually a "Reborn" doll!
Most people thought baby "Ben" was real!  He is the size of a 4 month old baby.

About 50 students took the quiz, the majority of them identified themselves to be pro-life. However, most were shocked to find out that abortion is legal up to all nine months of pregnancy and that there are 3,288 abortions performed each day in the US. With this new knowledge, many students who took the quiz were prompted to sign up for the college club!

The club looks forward to our next week's event of showing "October Baby"and welcoming our new members!

Special thanks to our club adviser Mrs. K S for her time and assistance!

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