Friday, February 22, 2013

Warning: I'm fasting today

Maybe it’s because of my doleful given name, but over the years Lent has become one of my favorite seasons.  I have been reading daily mediation from “The Liturgical Year” by Dom Prosper Gueranger to keep me on track this year. So with that being said here’s a little what I’ve read so far:  Holy Mother Church (in her apostolic succession authority) reminds us of the forty days and forty nights of the old testament deluge, the Hebrew people in punishment for their ingratitude in the dessert before they could enter the promised Land, the when God told Ezechiel to lie forty days on his right side as a figure of the siege which was to bring upon destruction in Jerusalem.  It was thus for God chose 40 days for his Son to fast in the dessert.  The act of fasting is pleasing to God and helps purify our souls by denial of the flesh and makes us strong – so that we are worthy to sing the Alleluia once we conquer our enemies: the devil, the flesh and the world! Blessed Lent, everyone! 

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