Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well hello blog!  You're looking good - the backgroud that is. (I have my sister to thank for that).  My sister also manages my music.  Thus, a few months ago you might have noticed the "If I Only Had A Brain" song.  Yeah, thanks Constance!

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable summer.  I know I did.  However, I'm still not sure what the ultimate highlight is. 

My family participated in the Pro-Life Action League's Annual Face the Truth Tour all seven days.  (Mostly mom and the kids, I was absent for only two days :()   I would have to say as an overall it was a very successful tour.  I hardly wittnessed any negativity; NOT ONE person got out of their car to "yell" at me.  On the contrary, we got many positive honks, "God Bless You!", and a few thumbs up now and then.

A few weeks after the actual week tour, we participated in the Rockford solo-day tour.  Let's just say that Rockford has a much more zealous and vocal pro-abortion presence and it deserves it's own little paragraph.  A few years ago, the very first time my family took part in this stop, my little brother got some kind of metal thrown at him.   This time it was my turn!  I GOT A GATORADE bottle thrown at me!  Let it be known: when pro-abortion people insult me, it only makes me happy!

The Truth suffers but never dies. ~ St. Theresa of Avila
Another "FUN!" thing we did was go BLUEBERRY PICKING!  I had been wanting to ever since we did the first time, about a decade ago.  So,  last minute us girls drove 3 hours to go bluberry picking out of state!  (The directions esimated two hours, but I think it took at least four just to get there)  It was worth it though, in my opinion!  We picked for about an hour or two and came back home with about thirteen pounds of blueberries, silly pictures,  a good hilarious video of mom (that I'm not aloud to show anyone) and some great memories.

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