Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Post!

Twas the last annual pro-life night at Kiddie Land. Sniff sniff...but us kiddies had fun while it lasted! Nice pictures, eh?

The day after Labor day I started another year of high school! Woot! At the beginning of almost every the year I find myself really excited about my new books, organizing and schedueling but weeks later or minutes later I find myself not following my own scheduel....

Day Two of school and guess where I am?! The fair, of course! I was obligated to go becuase my talented little violin virtuoso brother was in a "Fiddle Contest." The song on "My Playlist" thing is the beautiful song he played and guess what?! He came in 3rd place! Not bad for his first contest! Congrats, Jacob! Then, after he performed he won the "fire truck red" music stand they were raffling off. Lucky!....A loto ticket for his birthday next week dosen't sound like a bad idea right now. Oh, and I decided to post a picture of our adorable pet bunny who died a month or two ago. Almost every year the "Easter Bunny" leaves a bunny for my family. This bunny obviously didn't last very long. We don't know how or why it died. Dad said he fed it in the morning and that evning he found the poor thing dead in its cage- the rest of us were conveniently out of town that day. His name was "Paul Harvey." Paul, the year of St. Paul and Harvey, the movie. RIP, Paul!


Patty said...


Nice pictures! LOL
Kiddieland was tons of fun!
So sad it's closing! :(

Congrats Jacob on winning the fiddle contest!

Keep up the great blog!


Tracey said...

Dolores I had no idea that Dixi was you (duh!). With the alias and the picture that doesn't really show you up close, it didn't click, I just thought you were a pro-life friend of Dolores (I hadn't read thru all of your posts)! Hee hee, I feel so stupid :) At any rate, I love your blog - good for you for having one! I'm gonna show Braden the pic of Jake, he'll like that!

:) T