Saturday, August 1, 2009


Realizing it's already August...I'm back!....sorta!

Well, July came and gone but it was packed with fun. The way Summer is supposed to be! If only it slowed down just a little bit....

The highlight of our summer is and was the annual "Face the Truth Tour" with the Pro-life Action League. Mostly good reactions this year. People seemed to be very happy to see us this year though there were some counter protesters one day but they only invigorate us. ;-) Here are a few pictures:
The Kennedy Overpass
Slackers!...Nope! They were great and enjoyed it!Ooo...that's small....

That same weekend we went to Louisville, Kentucky for the Eternal Life Conference sponsored by the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation. It was very enjoyable as Archbishop Burke was one of the key-note speakers. We had a pleasant walk around Louisville too.

Can you guess who Louisville is named after? Louis XVI (....and Marie Antoinette hehe)

We attended a High Mass at St. Martin of Tours Parish which was awesome. It had the first-class relics (skeletons) of Sts. Bonosa (Virgin and Martyr) and Magnus (Roman Centurion, Martyr) from 200 AD. Unfortunately, I lack pictures and can't seem to find much about them.
Then, on Thursday, my very excellent mother drove us up to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse. Wisconsin is beautiful and so is the Shrine!

Enjoy your summer!~


Anonymous said...

I went to that same conference. My best friend and I had a splendid time!

Germaine said...

Wowza is right! I'm so happy that you were able to do all those things, it sounds like you had a fantabulous (and busy)July!
This summer has been great! Weather, Face the Truth tour, and just in general! Tell everyone I say Hi! Hope to see you soon!

Guess who? said...

Yep Germaine is right And if that's not enough the Cubbies are going to the playoffs while the sox are not WOOHOO!!