Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dame Scandal

"The fort is betrayed even of them that should have defended it." - St. John Fisher

After my mother saw the holy pro-life Fr. Westlin (yes, a Catholic priest!) get arrested at Notre Dame Friday - on a video from Jill Stanek's website- my (cool!) mother wanted to drive to Notre Dame as soon as possible. Thus, we arrived there on Saturday afternoon.

Outside the main entrance to the campus stood about 50-100 Pro-Lifers. There were at least 15 of us on each corner.

The Pro-Life plane was flying above us all day Sat. & Sunday.The "Truth Trucks" were out in full force too! Awesome drivers!

"A nation that kills it's own children is a nation WITHOUT HOPE" - Pope John Paul II

"Our tax $ funding abortions world wide - Mexico City Policy"

Prayer warriors! I took this picture while I was kneeling on the corner holding a Malachi sign with my sister. :)We decided to spend the night rather then driving back and forth from IL to South Bend. Anyway, we went to a rally with Dr. Keyes shortly after he was released from jail Sat. night. Mr. Randall Terry and Dr. Monica Miller also spoke and we saw Jill Stanek.

We ended our day with Eucharistic adoration with Bishop D'Arcy back on Notre Dame's campus.
Sunday- We found Fr.Pavone and attended the ND Response (on Campus) Outdoor Mass.

Walking back from Mass we wittnessed two arrests, one, the lady in white. While being escorted the second person, a man, said "Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!"

The Pro-Life plane hovering over Notre Dame Grads!

Unfortunatly we didn't get the chance to protest with the Pro-Life Action League instead we stayed at the Main gate (Angela and Notre Dame Dr.) for most of the day.

Sunday night we went to a another gathering with Fr. Corapi and Dr. Keyes.
Here is some of the video I took:

There may have been other speakers but we had to get home. It was a great ending to a busy week!
Jill Stanek has great posts on the protests on her website too!


Turwethiel Merilwen said...

AWESOME!!! I wish I could have gone. The stupid media downplayed all the protesters; saying that the Catholics (including the bishops) who disproved were only a minority. >:( I'm glad to get some insight and pictures of what really happened there. Thanks for posting about it!


Germaine said...

I'm so happy your family was there!!!! Wasn't it fantastic! I'm so happy you took pictures! We were only there Sunday (we drove) and I only saw michigan st. (the street from St. Joseph's hs to the hwy exit ramp).

At first I was kind of disappointed that there weren't more people (although there were at least several hundred at the alternative commencement ceremony, and at least a thousand at the rosary vigil after), but then I never saw the long protest along Angela blvd nor the main gate. I'm so happy you guys did, and took pictures!!! There were at least 500 people with the PLA and CFPL (and I'm just counting those on the busses). It's renewed my hope for the prolife movement! Although as Fr. Frank Pavone said (you probably heard this), having numbers of prolife people isn't important, it's having those who'll take the risks. All I can say is "Amen!!" You're so blessed to have met such great prolife activists (Alan Keyes, Jill Stanek, Randall Terry, and of course Joe Schiedler, Fr. Pavone etc...)!

I was just thinking the other day about how when abortion becomes illegal, they'll probably be many people who'll say to their kids (a generation later)how "yeah I was prolife" (I mean after the civil rights movement, I don't think anyone ever admitted to being racist)but I and especially you guys will be to able say that we really were prolife and did something about it, took part in history (in the making anyhow). Hope I'll see you before the summer face the truth tour! God bless!

Germaine said...

Almost forgot! I don't know if I've ever told you guys this but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your 'truth van'!

RoseRed said...

You went to the dinner! I was there too! I don't recognize your pic, tho...There were so many people, so I might have seen you and you might have seen me!!