Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pro-Lifer's First Amendment Rights Violated

Update: Thomas More Society Promises Vigorous Defense of Peaceful Protestor

Peaceful picketer, Randy M., was arrested Saturday morning at the Planned Parenthood mega-abortion facility in Aurora, Illinois, based on the bogus charge by a Planned Parenthood employee that Randy was engaged in "disorderly conduct."Mind you that Randy was on the public sidewalk, over 50 feet from Planned Parenthood's mega-abortion facility, peacefully preaching to the workers who were entering the building.Thomas More Society is currently suing the City of Aurora in Federal Court in Chicago and this violation of Randy's First Amendment rights may be added to the suit. In any event, TMS attorneys will defend Randy vigorously - and will fight this frivolous charge as far as necessary to secure justice for him and pro-life advocates like him.

Here is my Mom's perspective:

Thank you so much for your prayers and concern! Maybe you can tell in the video, I was not clear, and still am not, clear on what the charges are/were for Randy's arrest. Randy told me to call for help. (which I did, running and crying hysterically to my car) After an hour of holding Randy in the police car, which they moved to the Planned Parenthood parking lot sanctuary, where we are never allowed to go, then frisked him and took him and transferred him to a paddy wagon and took him to the station. (Dolores did a great job videotaping and asking why Randy was being arrested!) She is lucky they didn't confiscate her camera like a cop threatened to at the last rally! - That cop told us it was against an ESE dropping law and that he'd arrest her!

Anyway, Dolores and me followed the paddy wagon and after consulting Ann Scheidler at Pro-life Action and Tom Brechja sp? of St. Thomas More Law, I posted bail for Randy, $75.00.

So when I called the Bail desk and asked officer Jenkins what the charges were, she said she could not tell me but that Randy would when he got out.
Randy was not allowed to make a phone call either!

Randy came out and said he was 'Happy to be deemed worthy by God to suffer for Him' in the next breath, he said, not that he had suffered any great pains.' Humble Randy!!!

Eric showed up at the station and did a little interview and took Randy back to the abortion mill where Sylvia was holding his sign for him!
(I had a prior commitment) I hope they had a round of applause for him.

Randy, still not clear of what the charges are/were, said that he was sighting Bible quotes about judgment to the employees, and abortionist from the sidewalk, behind the newly planted bushes at the mill as they arrived in the morning. Yes, he told then that they will be judged! Is this illegal?

The cops said that they got a call from Planned Parenthood that Randy scared one of the employees!!

Randy, our hero, who braves not only the winters cold, summers heat, but neighbors constantly harassing him, cussing, yelling, getting out to fight with him, throwing things, people putting Planned Parenthood stickers put on his car and the police never do anything for him.

Tom Brecha (sp?) of St. Thomas More Law will be representing Randy. If you can help financially at all to defend Randy, I know Tom could use your help. We have been in Tom's office when he generously allowed us pro-lifers to have lunch there during a summer 'Face the Truth Tour'. Tom Brecha is also a very humble attorney with a simple office.

Thanks again for all of your prayers ~



The Young Catholic said...

Praise be to God !

Germaine said...

I'm kind of surprised they allowed his sign to still be there (unless they didn't know it was his sign). I don't think they can really mention the sign contributing to his "intimidating" presence if they didn't take it away as well. Although come to think of it, it probably wouldn't of fit in a sqad car, although it probably would've fit in the paddywagon. God bless Randy and God bless your family! You did a fantastic job with the video!

Adrienne said...

God Bless you for your active role in defense of life!

Grace said...

OH Thank you dear Lord! What an amazing man- I can learn from him!!

The Gregorian chant on your blog is beautiful- you are quite fortunate to have the Institute of Christ the King in your hometown. Here, where I live, we don't have any apostolates but just one priest who says Latin mass on Sundays (but too quickly!) I keep praying for an apostolate and our Latin mass lovers here in NY are quite active!! Thanks be God :)

God Bless!!