Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Party!

I often hear stories about people getting in feisty discussions with their relatives at family gatherings. Usually, my family doesn’t mention politics or religion (even though we almost always wear pro-life t-shirts) but this time I started a little conversation.

My cousin’s wife works for the NRA and my Uncle who lives in Missouri bought my aunt a gun for Christmas. My mom wanted a gun for Christmas (but didn’t get one) so I asked him about it. We got into a little discussion how our 2nd amendment rights are being violated with the new restrictions being made. Bringing up the pro-aborts attack at the “Empty Manger Christmas Caroling” in Chicago with Pro-Life Action League, (that my mom went to) my mom made the point that the rights of the innocent unborn are being denied. That’s when it got a little hot and he disagreed. He gave the old reply that abortion a right, “a moral issue” that politics should not be involved in.

Abortion, killing a baby, is not a right. Life is a right which everyone innocent deserves. Without life, Uncle, how can anything be? Rights have limits. Calling abortion a right is like calling murder a right. What’s the difference? Nothing. Abortion is killing a defenseless innocent child! Common sense!

The direct correlation is explicit and very easy to understand. I don’t understand how a person who believes in the Second Amendment does not believe in the right to Life. The two issues go hand in hand. Pro-lifers have the right to defend the right to life, which everything stems from, just as gun owners have the right to protect themselves and their families by owning guns. We are all protecting innocent life.

As my mom says, the first thing Hitler did was ban guns and allowed Jews to have abortions. Is history going to repeat itself…..or is it already?

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Paul said...

Dixi, I've learned two things from your blog now! I didn't know Hitler had banned guns, and just recently heard a little about abortions in Nazi Germany. Do you know if abortions were allowed for Jews only?

Does your uncle believe that life begins at conception? I find that most people who stick hard and fast to abortion rights either deny that the unborn is alive, or they admit that the child is living but strip it of its dignity and inalienable rights by saying that it has not yet reached some ill-defined threshold of potential.

Good for you for bringing this debate into your life and the lives of those around you. I really think we need to get this debate off the internet, television, and radio and into our living rooms if we are to get anywhere. I need to be better about that.